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So, you're interested in joining our theatre group? A wise decision! We're a friendly bunch who make a point of avoiding lardy-da stereotypes. We're just a big bunch of friends who like to sing, dance, act and enjoy the social elements too.

Here's a little information about the types of things you could get involved in as a member of our theatre group.

Available Roles

Here are some of the types of roles you can get involved in as a member of BMTC.

Front-of-house Manager/team

Every show requires a front-of-house team and usually someone to lead them too! Front of house ensures our guests have a great experience aside from the show - everything from ensuring toilets, exits and strobe/effects posters are in place, to serving snacks and refreshments in the interval.

Costume Designer(s)

With a range of productions over the years, it's always been one of the more exciting backstage jobs to be involved in costumes. This doesn't mean stitching clothes from scratch for endless hours - it's more about having the ability to source costume pieces and arrange those in our own extensive wardrobe to be styled, fitted and.. well, look fabulous!


Many shows have dance routines and it's this persons job to co-ordinate those involved into something relatively synchronised!

Musical Director

Usually a musician themselves - this person can play solo or work with likeminded musicians to either work to a score or produce one. Again, this depends on the director's input but we've had a wide variety in the past! Pianists, guitarists, saxophonists, flutists and more! (we're yet to have a solo drummer run the score!)


Responsible for co-ordinating the cast, singers, dancers, musicians and running rehearsals. Theres is the overall 'vision' of the production and are the decision maker on script changes, musical accompaniment, songs and movements.


As part of licensing a show, we have to show due diligence when working with children to ensure their safety and to act as a voice for them in decisions relating to rehearsal times, safety and the number of hours they commit. Each has to be CRB checked and vetted by our committee.

Technical Manager/Team

The technical requirements for each show vary depending on the director - however this usually incorporates the design, setup and running of the sound and lighting effects. We have a range of lighting and sound available and can provide training to anyone who wishes to get involved. This often requires some lifting when setting up lighting rigs and/or some audio/video or image editing for which training can be provided.

Production Manager

The production manager ensures everything is in place for the show. From scheduling rehearsals to ensuring we have booked facilities, arranged for technical, scenery and performance space to be set up and to liaise with the director and front-of-house to ensure everything is organised.

+ Marketing, PR, Administration, Fundraising, Crowd Jeering, Whip Cracking, Crocheting...


Membership Fees

We are a registered charity and do not seek to make a profit from your membership, however like any business we do have overheads and have kept this as low as possible.

Unlike many groups, we don't charge for rehearsals however we do have a donation tin each meetup - this is purely voluntary and helps us reduce expenses.



Yearly Membership.
Payable Jan - Jan.


Show levy.
This helps us fund rehearsal spaces, props, scenery and much more!

Not Sure What You Can Do?

Anything is possible!

This is us picking up our winning trophy for our Cinderella performance in 2018.

Emily and Emma only joined in 2017. It was Emily's first panto script, Emma's first performance as leading lady and Alison's first bash at producing. Of course, lead by Theatre stalwarts Graham and Lindsey who have both been involved in Nottingham theatre quite a few years.

(L:R> Graham, Alison, Emma, Lindsey, Emily)

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