The Suicide Club (WW1 Play) (2018)

Bingham performance ‘The Suicide Club’ was a moving one Act play about a real-life local soldier to commemorate 100 years since the end of WW1. The play is based on the diaries of David Polley and was written by Darren Rawnsley (a Lincolnshire playwright and poet) and Alan.C.Mott (a historian and Grandson of David Polley).

A fitting tribute to commemorate the soldiers who fought for our country 100 years ago. We were also thrilled to be able to bring you a talk at every show from the grandson of the focal point of our play – Mr Alan.C.Mott.  This moving tale brought to life through the cast of Bingham Theatre Company. …all of this is included in the same ticket price!

As part of the build up to this show, our cast and crew also performed at the Village Hall in Denton as part of their memorial celebrations.


Bingham Methodist Church
Needham St,
Bingham, Nottingham
NG13 8AE
Saturday November 3rd 2018
3.00pm & 7.30pm


Charley Polley (brother to Polley) – John Stebbings
Company Sergeant Major – Paul Green
Frank (Polley’s best friend) –
Bessie Louise Polley (Wife) – Philippa Buchanan
Eileen Polley (girl) – Charlie Buchanan
Eileen Polley (adult) – Alison Blackmore
Jean – Emma Townsend
Margaret – Zoe Stebbings
Corporal – Emily Hudson
Sergeant – John Stebbings
Officer in Charge – Lindsey Parr
Edith Smith WPC, Police Sergeant – Lindsey Parr
Shirley – Emily Hudson
Maud – Abi
Betty – Zoe Stebbings
Barman (Sam) – Paul Green


Director: Darren Rawnsley
Producer & Technical: Nik Hudson


November 3, 2018

3:00 pm

November 3, 2018

7:30 pm



Show Dates: Saturday November 3rd 3.00pm, 7.30pm


  • Production may contain flashing lights, strobe light effects, smoke and or loud noises.
  • If you are sensitive to any of these, please choose one of our relaxed performances which are adjusted to accommodate additional needs.
  • There is a bar serving alcoholic and soft drinks from 6.30pm and during the interval. A range of snacks and ice creams is also available.
  • Programmes are currently free.
  • Photography is allowed but please avoid using a flash as this can distract our performers.