Toad of Toad Hall (2019)

BMTC’s back with a fun-packed family musical based on Kenneth Grahame’s much-loved classic – The Wind In The Willows.

Starring a huge cast from Bingham and the surrounding areas in a spectacular new production that’s sure to be a laugh-a-minute adventure.

This riotous comedy follows the impulsive Mr Toad whose insatiable need for speed lands him in serious trouble. With his beloved home under threat from the notorious Chief Weasel and his gang of sinister Wild Wooders, Toad must attempt a daring escape leading to a series of misadventures and a heroic battle to recapture Toad Hall.

Featuring creative and inventive designs, exuberant choreography and a fantastic score, Toad of Toad Hall brings an explosion of anarchy, humour and heart to our little market town of Bingham!


Bingham Methodist Church
Union Street,
NG13 8AE


Marigold – Amelia J-D
Nurse & Usher – Nicola Jerem
Mole – Becky Morley
Badger – Richard Fife
Rat – Emily Hudson
Toad – Graham Buchanan
Alfred – Paul Green
Chief Weasel – Nik Hudson
Chief Stoat – Emma Townsend
Chief Ferret – Lydia Daniel
Phoebe & Caravan ensemble – Celia Bolstridge
Policewoman & Caravan ensemble – Alicia Cope
Judge, Mama Rabbit & Caravan ensemble – Ellen Loran
Gaoler & Wild Wood ensemble – Gary Measures
Washerwoman & Caravan ensemble – Lindsey Parr
Bargewoman, Squirrel juror & Wild Wood ensemble – Jenny Pike
Turkey, Fox, Ferret & Wild Wood Ensemble – Ashton Coxon
Duck, Ferret, Dancing Rabbit & Wild Wood Ensemble – Emma Swatton
Squirrel, Dancing Rabbit, Ferret & Wild Wood Ensemble – Elizabeth Beech
First Fieldmouse, Rabbit juror & dancing rabbit – Mia Hilton
Second Fieldmouse, Rabbit juror & dancing rabbit – Shelby Loren
Harriet Rabbit, Rabbit juror & Fieldmouse choir – Rose Hilton
Fieldmouse choir, Rabbit juror, Lucy Rabbit – Bibi Gordon
Fieldmouse choir, dancing rabbit and squirrel juror – Esther Daniel
Fieldmouse choir, dancing rabbit and squirrel juror – Ruby Fortune
Fieldmouse choir, Squirrel juror & dancing Rabbit – Holly Loran


Director: Philippa Buchanan


July 25, 2019

7:00 pm

July 26, 2019

7:00 pm

July 27, 2019

2:00 pm

July 27, 2019

7:00 pm


£10/£5 Groups available at discount
Show Dates: 25th – 27th July 2019


  • Production may contain flashing lights, strobe light effects or loud noises.
  • If you are sensitive to any of these, please choose one of our relaxed performances which are adjusted to accommodate additional needs.
  • There is a bar serving tea, coffee and snacks from 6.30pm and during the interval.
  • Programmes are currently free.
  • Photography is allowed but please avoid using a flash as this can distract our performers.