About Us

Bingham Musical Theatre Company provides entertainment in the form of plays, concerts, pantomimes and of course musicals, locally to the South Nottinghamshire region at least twice a year. Our mission is to entertain and provide a couple of hours of escapism to the local community. We welcome budding performers, musicians and anyone interested in set design, costume making, prop building and the technical stuff too .

We started way back in 1957 and commemorated our 60th anniversary in 2017. Originally formed as Bingham Amateur Operatic Society (under which we are still a registered charity), our first rehearsals took place in the WI hut in Bingham itself. It was in 2004 that our named changed and our focus (for at least a while) was based on bringing musical theatre to the region.

We’ve since removed the restriction of our title and have opened up our repertoire to a wide range of plays, shows and even outdoor events for immersive theatre that reflected the venues we were able to utilise. An example of this was our “A Christmas Carol” play in 2015 which took the audience around the period property ‘Radcliffe hall’ as the story of Bob Cratchet unfolded. 

There have been so many families involved with us in the past – usually roped in by accompanying their children or siblings and ended up being swept up by the buzz of the performance! Some members are the sons and daughters of former members, others have returned to us now and then whenever a production caught their fancy.

We’re unique in that we don’t have a ‘membership’ as such. If you’ve worked with us in any capacity – you’re a member of the family!

SOCIAL EVENTS When we’re not rehearsing or preparing for our shows, we try and hold a ‘monthly mingle’ which can be anything from Bingo to Karaoke, A good old pub quiz or a picnic in the park. We’d love you to join us and say hi. Join our BMTC facebook group and keep upto date with the latest.


As we’re a charity, we don’t aim to make a huge profit from what we do. Much of our funds is ploughed straight back into the next productions or spent on essential storage, marketing and rehearsal space.

With many amateur groups, we do ask for a small show levy of £35 for principle roles and £20 for ensemble. This is to help us cover essential admin ‘bits’ like insurance, safeguarding, licensing and the boring bits that keep us all safe.

If you’re interested in joining as a non-acting member (props, set building, admin, management, front of house etc) we do ask you to contribute by purchasing one of our branded T-shirts for £20. Again, we don’t make a huge amount on this, but it keeps everyone looking smart and makes sure the public know who you’re with (especially if we’re at a venue or public event).

You’re welcome to make any voluntary contributions ! Whether you run a business and can sponsor our programmes or provide us with costumes, equipment , rehearsal space, storage or even tea bags – it all helps!

Our Committee

For committee and general enquiries please contact us via [email protected]

We meet every couple of months (sometimes more if we need production meetings) and offer our time voluntarily to keep our wonderful group in business.
If you’re interested in taking part, have experience with any aspect of performance or business and think you could bring something unique to our group, do get in touch. Here’s an example of some of the tasks involved:

Budgets, Marketing, Digital Marketing, PR, Sales, Sponsored Partnerships, Grants & Funding, Organising Stock, Events, Fundraising, Web Design, Tea Making!

Registered charity no 1090105